We believe in the importance of people, in teamwork, in the respect for and integration with the communities around us.
We believe in the land, which is both our source of work and life. We are aware of the care that the land and its ecosystems need and deserve.
We believe in the obligation of taking charge of the impact that we can cause in the environment. And every day we work to minimize it and to be friendlier with the environment, taking measures and generating projects that result in a contribution to the industry, environment and community.

We are currently pioneering a renewable energy project, involving the incorporation of solar energy into our operations as the first step on the road to transforming our energy consumption to 80% renewable sources.

As a complement to our mitigation initiatives, we have developed -in association with Maule academic entities and Chicureo Hatchery- a project consisting on the conservation and reproduction of the Tricahue parrot, currently an endangered species.