Our Wines

Our Wines

My style of making wines has no secrets. I let the earth speak through the fruit and I let the fruit show all its potential of flavors and aromas’. 

‘I want my wines to become the irreplaceable companion of their special moments and transport them to our noble land’. 

‘I believe that in winemaking there are no recipes or protocols. My wines are the result of fine-tuning heart, soul, and feelings. Fundamental is my connection with the earth and the fruit it provides us’.

Firma Marcelo García, Winemaker

Marcelo García, Winemaker


In Mapudungun, the Chilean aboriginal language, Lahuen means ‘medicinal water’. TerraNoble’s Lahuen is art and poetry, born from our noble land to brighten the spirit and heal the soul of those who enjoy it in a glass of wine. 

Lahuen is best expression of the vintage. An assemblage made from a selection of the best varieties of the year only when our winemaker feels that the fruit is exceptional as the wine, he wants to craft

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